New Blog

Hey everyone Denise and I decided to create a joint blog. Here is our new address.


I'll probably only post youtube links etc to this site and things we are doing on the other site.

See you there!


Coming Soon!

Strange Mood

Very often I get in really weird moods, its always been an amazing phenomenon to me. I say phenomenon because I don't know if many others get in weird moods and have crazy random ideas because of these moods.
For instance while in a weird mood I almost purchased this van

(luckily it was a bit more expensive than I could afford at that moment). My ingenious plan was to pack that van with as much stuff as I could jump into it and drive east, where to? I have no idea I just wanted to drive it along way and meet crazy people and sleep in it and eat in it and spend about a month driving around in it. (writing about it makes me want to go and buy that van again!)
Whenever I get in these random moods I like to talk to people about it and very often I'm not with anyone I'd like to share it with so the mood goes wasted. Enter blogger!
I have now set up my blog so that I can email it (from my phone) when I get these weird ideas and then I've got my ideas out and all of my readers read them.
Excited!? You should be! I can also upload photos via email so for those of you who just like pictures and no text... (I'm not sure why I'm typing this if they don't like text they aren't reading it right?) i'll upload pictures for you!
Wait and that's not all! Afterwards at the bottom of each post there is a section where you can leave your own ideas and thoughts of randomness for me and others to enjoy (useful in times that we all get bored)!
Hooray! I know everyone has now stood up from their computer and rejoiced for the goodness and powerfulness of the internet and mobile devices. I know I just did!

Moustache Mania!



I got engaged last week! We are getting married at the beginning of next year! I'm so happy to be with Denise, she makes my everyday! I love her! So this post is a little late, but I didn't have any pictures to post of it yet. So here are the pictures of the proposal. If you want the story we are going to sit down and write it together and post it on our facebook group. Oh and if you want an invite leave your email address in the comments or on our facebook group! Or you can email me at webbushka@gmail.com

Lynda and Kristin hiding in the bushes

Me waiting for Denise

Me singing to Denise

Still singing

Me proposing (didn't have a good picture I pulled these off of facebook :D )

After she accepted :)


Dr. Horrible at the Emmys